Career DEvelopment Organization

Career Development Opportunities

Affiliated with New York State Women, Inc.

Our Mission

To Illuminate, Advocate for, Facilitate and Educate Women


NYS Career Development Opportunities, Inc. (CDO) was incorporated 7/7/05 and is a tax exempt 501 C (3). Initially created as a funding source for New York State Women, Inc. (NYSW), its overall goal is to empower females to achieve their full potential, and

  • To further the improvement and development of the capabilities of business and professional women by means of lectures, seminars, and other forms of education
  • To provide out-reach programs to women who would otherwise remain unemployable
  • To promote educational reimbursement and out-reach programs to employed women where such benefits are unavailable
  • To introduce female students (ages 13-17) to career exploration choices in conjunction with the New York State Women, Inc.’s Youth Leadership Program

Our accomplishments include financially supporting speakers and programs at NYS Women Inc. meetings and presenting The Reality Store. The Reality Store (trademarked by BPW Indiana) is a financial simulation where high school students make decisions about future careers and lifestyle choices based on their financial savvy. NYSW members can log in and access The Reality Store program manual and materials.

NEW for 2016! Monetary Scholarships/Grants

We are pleased to announce the offering of monetary scholarships/grants to assist New York State women with their career-related studies, education, and/or training and related costs. For example, such costs might include, but are not exclusive to, such items as tuition, registration fees, license fees, clothing, tools/instruments costs, etc. (documentation required).

Scholarship/Grant Application  - Word Doc  | PDF

JOIN TODAY! We invite you to join our efforts in providing these programs and services. Annual membership is $15. Donations are always welcome and are tax deductible.

Membership Application - Word Doc  | PDF


  • President: Linda Przepasniak
  • Vice President: Helen Rico
  • Treasurer: Susan Mager
  • Secretary: Robin Bridson

Board of Directors

  • Susan Fayle
  • Ruth Ann Rocque
  • Linda Provo
  • Pat Fanning
  • Marie Johnson