NYS Women Inc - Equal Pay, Womens rights

President's Message

Theresa FI am honored to serve as your 2016-2017 New York State Women, Inc. President and look forward to carrying out its’ mission of “empowering women personally, professionally and politically.” This year, along with the Executive Board and Committee Chairs, I hope to continue your personal development and growth through educational and informative programming, and hosting enlightening workshops at upcoming State meetings. I ask you to frequently visit our website to use all the tools available to you in programming, marketing and building membership.

This year will also be about honoring the members of NYSW, Inc. Awards will be given to individual members, Chapters and Regions who create innovative membership programming, participate in Youth Leadership programs, Women in Business and Women in History programs and many more. 

I encourage you to look to your Executive Board, Past State Presidents and Region & Assistant Region Directors to help your local Chapters and Regions build exciting programs, install new officers and to mentor your Local members. I found that I grew so much in this Organization by looking to and networking with the many ladies that have held positions in our great Organization over the years. Let us all take part in “Women Helping Women”.

For those of you who are looking for an Organization to join, I invite you to explore our Facebook page and website and go to the Membership Tab to see why you should join our Organization and its numerous benefits. Please feel free to click on the Contact Us Tab to ask any questions and find a local Chapter nearest to you. 

Throughout my career as a Registered Physician Assistant-Certified for 24 years, a competitive swimmer for 12 years and Swim Coach for 31 years, life has presented me with many challenges. To succeed I have learned that you must face and tackle these challenges head on and you will be a better and smarter person as a result.

Therefore, during 2016-2017, thanks for jumping into the pool and swimming with me!

Theresa Lynne Fazzolari, President NYSW, Inc.